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How much can i earn with my Podcast?

In the podcasting industry, revenue per 1000 downloads () is a key metric that podcasters and advertisers often use to measure the financial performance and monetization potential of podcast episodes. represents the earnings generated for every 1000 episode downloads.

📍Ad Slots Per Episode

Ad slots per podcast episode refer to the designated spaces within a podcast episode where advertisements are inserted or integrated. These ad slots serve as opportunities for podcasters to monetize their content by partnering with advertisers and promoting their products or services to their listeners.

💵Average CPM in USD

CPM, or Cost Per Mille, is a common advertising metric that represents the cost an advertiser pays for every 1,000 ad impressions (ad downloaded) on a particular platform. CPM is often used in the digital advertising industry to measure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Some podcasting platforms like Spotify refer to Gross CPMs.

🍷Fill Rate

Fill rate is a metric used in the digital advertising industry to measure the percentage of ad inventory that is successfully filled with paid advertisements. It represents the ratio of delivered ads to the total number of available ad impressions or requests.


📉Download Through Rate

Download Through Rate, in the context of podcasting, refers to the average percentage of a podcast episode that is downloaded by listeners. It represents the portion of the episode that is successfully retrieved and stored on a listener's device for offline or later playback. Ranges from 50% to 90% are common.

The expected revenue for 1000 downloads is: